Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Europeans pay twice as much for LEISURE BATTERIES

Leisure batteries are twice the price in France

Millions of tourer drivers and caravan drivers will be heading off to the near continent this Summer. They will be heading for there favorite holiday spot in the mountains or by the sea.
Many holiday makers will have had a check list for weeks before, making sure that they have everything in place, ready for the big holiday. One of the first things on the list is to check the batteries. They know how important this is if it lets them down, they could be in trouble.
Many of the French motorways go for miles and miles across the French country side. The motorways in the other European countries are just the same, with miles of driving in-between cities and towns. Stopping for rests is very important as it is very easy to fall asleep on those long stretches of road. Pulling into the rest area is imperative, just get yourself a drink of coffee and stretch your legs.
This is one of the things that I think as important, in my opinion you should always carry a spare leisure battery as a back in case your tourer battery looses power and you are in an isolated area. It is not like here in England where you can just nip into the local Auto-centre and buy a new battery, on the continent shops that sell leisure batteries are far and few between and it would be easy to get caught out with a flat battery.
In my opinion any driver of a tourer or caravan should make it a point to carry a spare battery. As long as you keep the one in use on the vehicle charged up, the spare leisure battery can just be stored away ready for that emergency to happen, when you are watching TV on a night and the battery goes dead, then you will have a back-up battery. Leisure batteries come in many different types.

The most common ones that we sell are 100amp and 110amp sealed leisure batteries.

 These are fine for your main battery but you could buy the smaller sized 85amp leisure batteries as a back up battery. You can find 85amp cheap batteries online with a next working day delivery. I think the key to having a safe journey on the continent is to plan ahead and I am sure that that’s what people do. Also do not forget to buy a pair of breathalysers with you when you visit France, as this is now a new law. The police are pulling tourists over a checking this out, so if you dont have a breathalyser you will be given an on the spot fine, its like taking your own rope to hang yourself with. To finish if you do need to buy a leisure battery in France or Germany it will cost about 200 euros, twice the price as here in England, another point of taking a spare leisure batteries with you.