Thursday, 17 May 2012


Scooter batteries have a shorter life than you think

For the unfortunate people who have to use a mobility scooter or know someone who has then you may know that the batteries only have a limited life and therefore you may need to buy some new batteries for your mobility scooter, at some time or another. Furthermore if you have old batteries that take a long time to recharge then you should buy a spare mobility scooter batteries so that you can stay mobile on the road for longer. Whichever of these that may apply to you there are certain things that you need to consider when buying your scooter batteries which could determine which brand of battery that you would be more likely to buy.
It is very important to recognize that the mobility scooter is a priceless asset that gives its owner a sense of independence to travel about, so it is vitally important to ensure that when it comes to replacing their battery that they should buy the highest quality battery that they can afford so that they can depend on the performance of the battery and the scooter.
One way to ensure the quality of mobilityscooter batteries is to take a look at the different pricing structure, especially scooter batteries online, as more often than not the expensive batteries will be the higher quality batteries.
Obviously before you part with any of your hard earned money. It will be better to check the manual for the model of your scooter to help give you an idea of the battery that you will need to fit your vehicle. Once you know the type of battery that you want then you can look for better quality batteries that fit the required specification. Most retailers online have good returns policy and will correct any errors that may occur, but I must stress that you order the correct batteries or the responsibility will be on you.

There are several types of mobility scooterbatteries, the common power output for mobility batteries is 12 volts, but a standard scooter requires 24 volts,(2x 12 volts) hence they generally come in pair's. So it is important to remember this when buying your new scooter batteries, you will have to remember this you will need to replace the pair on a 24 volt system.

The Lucas battery range of batteries come highly recommended.

These batteries come in GEL or AGM and have a much longer life span than other makes but it is always worth remembering that most of the battery makes such as Haze batteries or Numax carry exactly the same guarantee as all the other makes. Numax batteries also offer competitive pricing for those looking for cheap batteries which are also of a decent quality. This type of battery consists of a high functioning, sealed lead acid components, that will give good for money, and good overall service.