Sunday, 27 May 2012

Your MOTORHOME BATTERY could make you happy ?

Many people are buying a new motorhome battery for the great outdoors

Recent research has been carried out about the quality of life that people can expect when they venture out in summer to take part in the great outdoors. Whether you are camping, caravanning or venturing off in your tourer you will be a happier person than the couch potatoes that are likely to stay home and watch TV.
One thing I would suggest though is that you check and test your old motorhome battery before you set off on your adventure. If you get there and you are in the middle of nowhere then there is nothing worse than having a dead, flat motorhome battery. This type of battery is often called a leisure battery and also includes marine batteries in the same category.
Whatever you may call them they are a very important part of your outdoors experience and should be treated with respect and re-charged as often as possible especially after they have been used. If you intend to over Winter them then your motorhome batteries need to be fully charged and then checked at regular intervals throughout the Winter months until the following season. This where the battery owners often go wrong they just leave their battery in the garage or even connected up over Winter and expect them to work straight away. This is not possible as the battery should be stored in a fully charged state.

When you buy a new motorhome battery

You should go for one of the new hybrid batteries. These are a cross between a conventional car starter battery and a storage battery, they are maintenance free and do not require anything doing to them except of course charging up. This type of battery can be bought online, and they are usually a cheap battery .
So all you happy campers who love the great outdoors, don’t forget to check your motorhome batteries before you set off and have a stress free experience. And one more thing don't forget your BBQ especially in this beautiful weather (May 2012).