Thursday, 7 June 2012

Giant BATTERY Maker to expand in China

One of the Worlds largest battery makers Johnson Controls to expand business to China

Johnson Controls, one of the largest battery manufacturer in the World are to open up a new plant in China. The new factory will be built in Tianjin Provence and is expected to cost the company in excess of $200 million.
The new factory will be a state of the art factory making car batteries including maintenance free starter batteries and new technology batteries for the new types of “stop and start” vehicles that ar becoming more common on our roads today. The new batteries produced are expected to for the Chinese car makers and the Chinese after market which has massive potential, but one suspects that the Chinese made batteries will start making there way into the European market. Mr Alex Molinaroli said “This plant demonstrates our long-term commitment to the rapidly growing automotive industry in China," said Alex Molinaroli, president, of the giant JohnsonControls Power Solutions. "We are forecasting 25 million in annual new car sales in China by 2015. This plant is a further indication of the strategic importance of this market for Johnson Controls."
This blog is very similar to other blogs that I have done reflecting that more and more auto supply companies are moving into China, in my opinion this is a worrying trend for the European car part replacement suppliers. All the battery companies are spending vast amounts of dollars on research and development to make batteries more ECO friendly. Johnson controls are one of the World leaders and know only too well that the companies that win this race will have a bigger slice of market share.

China will become the Worlds biggest battery market by 2017.

Johnson controls are looking at figures of 30 million batteries a year ,going into the Chinese market by 2017, a massive figure. More information can be obtained by clicking onto this excellent article.